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A Journey into Imagination


Welcome to moments of my imagination, extracted on canvas, painted on skin or created in more tactile crafty forms for you to enjoy.

I have been an artist my whole life and love the process of seeing parts of my imagination slowly emerge and come to life  as I work away at them through the medium of choice in that moment. Transformaion through paint, pencil heart and hand bring to life images, stories, moments, and characters previously only sparkling notions in the dreamscapes of my mind.

My artwork is also a way for me to touch in with the world, the seasons, and the cycles of my life and the lives of those around me. Some of my pieces are parts of ongoing cyclical meditative painting, evoked through the call of the natural world, allowing me to explore those energies, be they seasonal, archetypal or more mysterious still.

 Thank you for visiting my site, please sign my guestbook while you are here and check back often for updates and new work.

Beautiful wishes to you,



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